Friday, December 4, 2009

Lyrics: Rubadubdub

Now I'm a being just like any other being would be
when I say while lying back under and emerald tree
I've got a whole sunrise to think about what I need
For how I only want you laying right next to me

You're the harmony in everything that I see
I never feel this way when I hit the sensimi
There is no way to relate or describe or conceive
until it's running through your vein, then you can believe

Every beat resonates while the sinking sun sets
Every grain of blown sand rests right under my head
I'm getting married to the sea, don't matter what comes next
Keep my fingers down on my six string neck

If I ever lose the words I'll shut my mouth and let it breathe
My music knows how to explain far better than me
Just how I feel when you come close to me
Under this sky and on this Earth you know I feel complete.

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