Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some Philosophy: Life and Death as I've Begun to see it

There is, of course, an end to each individual's life as far as the physical aspect is concerned. In my belief, there is no superstitious afterlife, no eternal heaven of the immortal soul that lives in each of us, no supreme diety awaiting our entry into the mist of perfection. Although this may seem offensive to some, please, bear with me.

Because of our inherent nature and because we, as humans, are merely extensions of the Earth, there is no such thing as the individual. Of course, each person is different in his/her own right, but when you really get down to it, we have all been bred in the arms of the Earth as one human organism. Our roots are of the same natural being. In this case, we are also quite the same as all other natural organisms, no matter what natural phase they are in.

Therefore, the ending of an individual life (what we classify as "death") is merely a fragment in the eternal cycle of the Earth.

We are born; and because of birth, we are.
We are the manifestation of natural being. Our being becomes overwhelmed with experience, which constitutes the basis of our entire existence. Therefore, syllogistically, experience=existence.

Our progress through life after birth brings about a plethora of experiences. It give us the opportunity to be, and not to "be because..." as is the common perception of humanity. This applies to the "why" philosophy, where humans find it necessary to ask why of all things in order to instill a single-plane order to the world, which i believe is totally useless, mostly because we ARE the Earth, not some separate class that has to force it's own understanding. Anyway...

Eventually, we cease to exists in the individual sense. Our "death," however, is only the cessation of purposes instilled in us by our own creation, our own filtering of experience, our own watering down of existence.

We never, however, cease to BE.

As is shown by science, and even spiritual practices, we melt back into the Earth from which we came. We came from the Earth, and end up in the deep folds of dirt and roots that contain the very basis of all life. While our human form and possibly even our level of awareness is no longer there, we still run the course of all Earthly processes because we are the Earth! And there is no evidence to say that our totally ends either, it could actually grow tenfold, who knows!

Therefore, there is no death and as a logical result, there is no birth. There is merely this stage that we are in. We, as extensions of the Earth, are in an stage called human. We are in the stage of awareness. It is possible that there are endless, infinitely greater and lesser levels of awareness, that because of our single, human view, we are not aware of. It could be that our own awareness, is the inhibitor of other awarenesses, and yet it could also be the potential gateway to all these awarenesses!

In and after death, our bodies decompose. Through this process, we feed the decomposers, we feed the most basic forms of life through our individual end; therefore not even our physical being is totally gone. We are, in a sense, recycled. Some would say that this borders on reincarnation, but it's more of a natural course, rather than a "soulful" one. We shift phases. Our entire being, spiritual and tangible, flows back to the hearth of innovation and life.

We never died and we were never born, we just shifted. It is in every shift that we will undergo leaps in wisdom. In every shift, we grow.

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