Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some Philosposhy: An Impression I had on a Balcony

Heracles once said that you can't step into the same river twice.

I look at a tree whose leaves are deep red. When I blink my eyes and look at the tree once more and it is no longer the same tree. Bear with me now...

The entire organism of the tree has rearranged itself. The cells that were once a part of the bark have now shifted, the functions of these cells have been put into consistent rotation, and because of this, it becomes evident that the whole of the tree is in absolute motion.

This applies to all natural beings and processes. The information, the tide of experience, can never be stagnant, but always moving, as is the biology of all things living.

With this in mind, can it be said that my perception of the tree is the same? It might be said that the way that I view the and understand the tree is the same, and it is merely the tree itself that has shifted. But now comes in my awareness of this shift; my conscious recognition of this tree's phenomenally different state of being from one moment in time to the next.

Because of my awareness, I can no longer see the tree as the same being it was prior to the blink of my eye. It is the implication of my mind and my conscious thought that has led me to this understanding in the first place, therefore the thought that along with the tree's change, my view of the tree has changed is inevitable.
This means:

Ideally, I have, within this one human plane of reference and this one linear layer of understanding, begun to open multiple perceptions of the same organism. Is it not plausible, therefore, that my meager human mind has access to countless other layers of perception? I believe so.

Now, because of this inherent existence of infinite dimensions within infinite planes of reference within infinite universes, is there one single, functional purpose to the things that exist?

It can not be said that one thing is one thing only, just because of the purpose it serves, because this purpose is subjective to the human frame of reference. Therefore, the purpose, in a theoretical sense, does not exist!

So if the one, functional purpose does not exist, the being merely "is." It is this "is" that is the root of infinite frames of reference and of infinite wisdom. Only those who "are" and have learned to "be," can unfold this root into it's natural, life-giving parts.

Because of all these versions of the same tree, it can be said that the being is, in fact, simultaneously present in an infinite number of layers across our universe and other universes. It is at once a tree, and also a different tree, or a different being altogether. This is because the tree merely "is." It "is" without the barrier of function, therefore it "is" in all universes.Function is an essence only applicable to our programmed, human mentality. But what implication does this have?

This implies that function is the barrier layer. What purpose does language serve Language serves to facilitate function. Numbers as well are the same. Language can only be interpreted on our single, narrow layer of understanding, therefore we use it to proclaim our visions of what is going on. But we can not use language to describe what "is" because there is no description to what "is." Therefore an attempt to use language in such a way leads to concepts becoming lost in translation.

This same red tree is a tree before I blink. But what about after that millisecond blink? It is something else. We still classify it as a tree because it retains its physical, sensory shape, but is it the same? How has the motion of its every particle through the dimensions of time and space affected it?

It's being has changed. Deeper than what we see in our linear perspective, the tree as we still call it is no longer a tree, but something different.This something is not necessarily expressible through language because it has moved through various layers of perception, and each layer of perception runs through infinite layers of depth. Each different perception is a contributor to a different experience, making it impossible to define it in terms of language.

Experience needs no translation because, in itself, it is the building block of existence!
Our entire human existence is based on the intake of experience. The tangible qualities of that experience serve only to shape the subtleties of personality and such, bu it is the essence of that experience which makes us grow!!

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